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With over 90+ perfumes inspired by designer fragrances, you’ll find perfumes with notes comparable with iconic scents, both top female or male perfumes. Get it for only €8,97 per bottle when buying 4 or more!

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Designer Inspired Perfume

What are Smell-A-Likes?

Smell-a-likes are perfumes that have comparable notes to other more expensive fragrances. For example, our Cloud of Happiness smell-a-like has comparable notes to that of La Vie Est Belle. Our smell-a-likes are much cheaper than their inspired counterparts but still smell great with comparable notes! Another great example is our Fresh Galore smell-a-like which is inspired by Sauvage. Some people call them smell-a-likes and they are a great way to get a comparable scent without the pricetag!

The best perfumes of 2023

If you're looking for the best perfumes of 2023, you'll want to check out our perfume which is inspired by iconic scents, like Dior Sauvage and Black Opium. These are the most popular fragrances of the year, and each has its own unique scent.

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