Collection: Men Perfume

Our men perfumes got inspired by some of the world's best-selling, most critically acclaimed fragrances for men. Whether you're looking for a blast of freshness or a smoldering trail of desire, these tantalizing scents are sure to please.

So spritz on and step out with confidence - it's time to take your place in the world of men's perfumes.

  • Choosing the best men's perfume

    Made with only the finest ingredients, our long-lasting men perfume is the best alternative to expensive designer fragrances. Why pay designer prices when you can get the same quality at a fraction of the cost? Choose from our collection of perfumes inspired by Dior, Tom FordCreedJean Paul GaultierHugo BossPaco Rabanne, and many more.

  • What are the best men's perfumes in 2023?

    Wether you're looking for a woody, musky scent or something fresh and flor, there's sure to be a perfume that's perfect for you. With high-quality perfumes inspired by designer brands, you’ll find the most popular men's perfumes similar to Dior Sauvage, 1 Million, ErosAventus, and many more top male perfumes.

  • Men's perfume that last long

    Most men's fragrances on the market today are formulated with a low percentage of fragrance oil, around 10-15%. This results in the scent not lasting very long and needing to be reapplied frequently. Sentir Parfum is different. We use a high concentration of fragrance oil, 25-30%, in all of our men's perfumes. This means that the scent will last all day, giving you the confidence that comes with smelling great. So why settle for a fragrance that fades quickly when you can have one that lasts all day? Buy your Men's Perfume online at Sentir Parfum today.

  • Perfume gift set for men

    Looking for a men perfume set? Look no further. We got fragrances inspired by men's scent top 10 of the world. Get multiple perfumes and get it in a beautiful luxurious giftbox. Choose from many eau de parfums inspired by hugo boss perfume, calvin klein perfume, dior men perfume, versace men perfume, armani men perfume, tom ford men perfume, dior men perfume and many other iconic perfumes.

  • Perfume dupes men love

    Are you looking for a great way to save money on your favorite men perfumes? Dupe perfumes for men are the perfect solution. Dupe perfumes are fragrances that have similar scents to more expensive or luxury brands but come at a fraction of their price. Dupes for men provide gentlemen with an affordable alternative so they can enjoy the scent they love without breaking the bank. Other than men dupes, smell-a-like perfumes for men are inspired by expensive designer perfumes, but have their own unique twist. Sentir offers high quality smell-a-like perfumes for men that last long and give you an amazing experience just expensive designer perfume. So if you’re looking for a great way to save money while still enjoying your favorite perfume, buy smell-a-like perfumes from Sentir today!

  • Smell-a-like perfumes are better than perfume dupes

    Dupe perfumes are an attractive way to save money on designer scents, but not all dupes are created equal. The quality of many popular perfume dupes from brands like Zara, Lidl, Action, and Kruidvat is notoriously poor. They often lack long-lasting power, and their synthetic smells leave much to be desired. However, Sentir’s smell-a-like perfumes offer a great alternative for those looking for a budget-friendly solution - without sacrificing quality. These fragrances are composed of premium ingredients and contain a higher concentration of perfume oil than most products sold at discount stores. As such, they remain true to the original scent throughout the day without fading or becoming overly floral or musky. Not only will you enjoy a better smelling fragrance with greater longevity than the average dupe at a more affordable price point; you'll also get the added benefit of knowing that your scent is made with the same high quality ingredients found in designer perfumes.