Collection: Tom Ford Inspired Perfume

Looking for long-lasting perfume by Tom Ford, but still affordable? Sentir is the best luxury alternative to designer eau de parfum, upholding the same high-quality standards as expensive perfume brands like Tom Ford perfume.

With perfumes inspired by Tom Ford, you’ll find fragrances with perfume notes similar to Oud WoodTobacco Vanille, Lost Cherry, and more.

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Perfume similar to Tom Ford

Discover Tom Ford inspired perfume

Why pay more for luxury when you can find perfume that smells similar to Tom Ford perfume that won't break the bank? What Tom Ford perfume, you might ask? Our perfume impressions range from perfume that reminds of Lost Cherry, to Black Orchid or Tobacco Vanille.

Tom Ford perfume men's impressions

Our Tom Ford perfume impressions for men offer a range of bold and masculine fragrances. Choices like perfume that reminds of Noir, Fucking Fabulous, and Oud Wood are perfect for the modern gentleman who wants to make a statement with his scent.

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